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Vienna’s Central Cemetery (Zentralfriedhof) is much more than Europe’s second largest graveyard. It is a cultural highlight of Vienna’s rich history. But it is also home to an abundant variety of nature and wildlife! Starting in May 2019, WIENER WILDNIS will take you into a jungle of overgrown gravestones and hidden relics. With a little luck, we will find foxes, songbirds, birds of prey  or even deer in a mysthical and peaceful setting, right out of a movie set...

Bring your cameras or binoculars or just your sharp eyes and come along! The cemetery was founded in 1874 and covers an area of almost 500 acres. So there is plenty of space for all kinds and sizes of wildlife to hide between trees and gravestones. Cemeteries are known to be refuges for animals but the Central Cemetery is one of a kind. For a good two hours we will take you on an entertaining safari. Although there is no guarantee what exactly we will be seeing (it depends on daytime and season), we can almost guarantee you some wild surprises!

A deer hides between trees and overgrown graves

Moody morning in the cemetery

For bookings please send an E-MAIL with your full name (+ number of participants), correct Email address and requested date/time and your phone number to:

All safaris will be guided by one or two (depending on size of group) photographers/authors of the WIENER WILDNIS project. (see team)

Group maximum: 12 People

Price per Person: € 96,-

Family price (up to 2 adults, 2 children): 250,-

Deer between gravestones

A reservation is valid, as soon as the payment is made. You will receive a written confirmation letter via Email, which also contains the exact meeting point and further informations.

Common kestrel with prey

For written cancellations until 14 days prior to the booked Safari, all money will be refunded! Any cancellations later than that cannot be accepted!

The Urban Safaris will be carried out in all but the very unusual or extreme weather conditions  (thunderstorms, extreme rain or wind), in which the safari will be cancelled the day before and 100% money will be refunded.

The tour is suitable for all ages but you have to be fit enough to leisurely walk for approx. 3 kilometer and you are responsible to wear sufficiant (rain-) gear and shoes.

A european hamster hides on a grave

For registrations and/or questions: Please also see the "Kontakt" menu on the bottom of the websites frontpage. (footer)

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